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What are symptoms of a brain injury?

When you and your family are involved in a collision in Louisiana, someone's head may sometimes slam into the headrest or another part of the car. Immediately after the accident occurs, you may not think much about this wound. However, some head injuries may result in a traumatic brain injury, and it is important to recognize the symptoms.

Are cell phones dangerous to your health?

Like many Americans, Louisiana residents will often have cell phones that they require for daily business. Whether you need to call clients, talk to your boss, surf the internet or even just meet up with or talk to friends, cell phones are a prevalent part in everyday life. But can they harm you?

Treating a dog bite injury

Louisiana residents who run afoul of aggressive dogs will have to take quick action to care for their injuries. If they don't, infections can occur, and the injury a person ends up dealing with could be much more of a headache than it otherwise would have been.

The ongoing risk of distracted driving

Most residents in Louisiana have likely heard people talk about distracted driving and how dangerous it can be. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that a 2015 study by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis found that over 1,000 injuries and one death on U.S. roads per day are attributed to distracted driving. 

How do you report nursing home neglect?

As a resident in Louisiana with aging relatives, you likely rely on a nursing home to help meet the needs of your loved ones. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes are the same, and your loved ones may experience abuse or even neglect. But what do you do once you suspect abuse or neglect is occurring?

What are myths and truths about post-crash insurance?

Louisiana residents who get into a car crash will soon have to deal with insurance companies. You may have heard warnings about this before, or stories about how tricky handling insurance can be. While some of these tales may be true, some can also be fabricated or exaggerated. Here are some true facts and untrue popular myths or misconceptions about dealing with an insurance company after a crash.

Reporting product problems

Food and product recalls occur more than Louisiana residents might think. Shockingly enough, thousands of products can sit on shelves for weeks -- and even months -- before a red flag appears. No matter the extent of the injury, consumers have rights to remain safe. After all, the public places immense trust in countless products that are part of everyday life, and it is the responsibility of the company at fault to address the issue.

How long will you be recovering from a dog attack?

In Louisiana, dog attacks are often highly publicized, but only for a short period of time. However, people like you who have been attacked or bitten by dogs will continue living with the aftermath of the attack long past the time news outlets stop reporting on it. Here is what you should be prepared for regarding the long-term impact of dog bite attacks.

What contributes to dangers in the gas and oil industry?

When Louisiana workers like you spend most of your time around gas and oil on the job, there are numerous dangers that you have to watch out for. Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South, LLP, are here to help if you've been involved in any accident, explosion, or other harmful incident that has left you with injuries.

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