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Posts tagged "Collisions"

Do we already have a solution to distracted driving?

The statistics are ugly for distracted driving, and they appear to only be getting worse. Each day in the U.S. over 8 people die and 1,161 people are injured in distraction-related car accidents. Distracted driving becomes more common every year. As deaths and injuries climb, some believe that we may already have the answer right under our noses. A new product has been created which can temporarily block distracting features in drivers' phones.

Who is liable when vehicles and trains collide?

On November 16 of this year, a Corpus Christi law enforcement officer was struck by a train while driving his truck across the tracks. Unfortunately, he did not survive. This is not a unique circumstance, as many crashes involving vehicles and trains happen every year. It is events like these that raise the question: who is liable in these types of accidents?

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