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September 2018 Archives

3 infamous product recalls

When you purchase a product, you trust that the manufacturer has tested it and verified its safety. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and consumers sustain injuries from the products they buy. In such situations, it might not be clear what to do. You should seek medical treatment for any injuries you sustain as a result of product usage and report the issue to the manufacturer.

What should you know before entering the housing market?

As a resident in Louisiana who is looking to move elsewhere, you're going to need to enter the housing market again. Since this can be complex, Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South, LLP, are here to help guide you through what you need to know as you prepare to buy or sell a house.

What are symptoms of a brain injury?

When you and your family are involved in a collision in Louisiana, someone's head may sometimes slam into the headrest or another part of the car. Immediately after the accident occurs, you may not think much about this wound. However, some head injuries may result in a traumatic brain injury, and it is important to recognize the symptoms.

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