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Treating a dog bite injury

Louisiana residents who run afoul of aggressive dogs will have to take quick action to care for their injuries. If they don't, infections can occur, and the injury a person ends up dealing with could be much more of a headache than it otherwise would have been.

WebMD has a section dedicated to the treatment of dog bite wounds. If a person has been bitten, they should first compress the area with a towel to prevent further bleeding. The area should also be cleaned and, if possible, elevated above the heart level. Bandages should be applied to keep the wound sterile, as well as antibiotic ointments. Despite how serious or mild a person thinks a dog bite is, it might be best to see a doctor about it as well.

American Family Physician also states that in some cases, an antibiotic treatment might be necessary for a dog bite. Though dog bites are actually less likely to get infected than cat bites due to the fact that cat bites tend to result in deeper punctures, it's still possible for someone to have dangerous bacteria injected in through the bite wound. Sometimes, topical ointments and treatments are not enough to combat it. In these cases, antibiotics may be the best treatment.

Those who have suffered from a dog bite wound will want to work quickly. Unattended bites can result in scarring, disfiguration, and opens a person up to the possibility of infection which can potentially linger deep below the surface of the skin. Rather than risking the complications, consider visiting a doctor immediately.

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