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Are cell phones dangerous to your health?

Like many Americans, Louisiana residents will often have cell phones that they require for daily business. Whether you need to call clients, talk to your boss, surf the internet or even just meet up with or talk to friends, cell phones are a prevalent part in everyday life. But can they harm you?

The National Cancer Institute has examined the claims that cell phones can cause cancer or other harmful side effects due to radiation. Though this was a concern for a while, especially with the increased usage and commonality of cell phones over time, there has been no conclusive evidence drawn that shows a tie between non-ionizing radiation and cancer. Items that produce non-ionizing radiation include things like cell phones, microwaves, and radar.

However, the heat from batteries can indeed hurt you. In many models of cell phones, it's possible for the phone to become quite hot if it is in use for an extended period of time. In most models, there are protective measures in place that will keep the user from being harmed by this battery heat. However, there are some cases in which defects in the model or the battery itself have caused the user to suffer from heat-related injuries, like burns.

Other defective cell phone parts have led to injury before as well. For example, if the glass screen cracks too easily, you can cut your fingers after dropping the phone. If you have been injured because of defects unique to your phone's model or the battery within it, you may want to speak with an attorney and look into seeking compensation.

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