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August 2018 Archives

Are cell phones dangerous to your health?

Like many Americans, Louisiana residents will often have cell phones that they require for daily business. Whether you need to call clients, talk to your boss, surf the internet or even just meet up with or talk to friends, cell phones are a prevalent part in everyday life. But can they harm you?

What can I do about a bad tenant?

Nearly every landlord in Louisiana has a horror story: the elderly couple with six cats who never used a litterbox; the college frat boys who threw loud, drunken parties seemingly every other night; the family who let their children run amok and break every appliance in the apartment. You might, so far, have been lucky enough to avoid renting to the worst types of tenants, but that doesn't mean your renters are ideal. In fact, some might be causing enough of an inconvenience that you wonder if you can evict them.

Is the nursing home chemically restraining your parent?

If your parent lives in a nursing home, you likely spend a good amount of time worrying about his or her safety, health and welfare. You may fear that (s)he does not get the care (s)he needs and deserves, especially if (s)he suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, you may have reason for your concerns.

Will DEET harm my family?

Almost nothing can ruin a family outing for Louisiana residents worse than getting eaten alive by mosquitos. You might hesitate to buy mosquito repellant because you are worried that the chemicals can cause serious illness or birth defects. This concern is a good reason to stay informed on the potential risks of various products, as well as the recommended ways to use them.

Treating a dog bite injury

Louisiana residents who run afoul of aggressive dogs will have to take quick action to care for their injuries. If they don't, infections can occur, and the injury a person ends up dealing with could be much more of a headache than it otherwise would have been.

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