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Racial discrimination alleged in class action suit

Even though it is now 2018 and the topic of racial equity and discrimination has been highlighted for a long time in the United States, people in Louisiana continue to experience unfair treatment possibly related to the color of their skin. In some situations, this discrimination can impact multiple people or groups versus just a single individual at one time. When this happens, those people may choose to band together to take action.

This is precisely what one group of African American farmers have done recently. According to reports from, a new class-action lawsuit has been filed by the group against a company from which they all purchased soybean seeds. After experiencing incredibly low yield crops, the farmers had the seeds tested at a university and learned that the seeds were not actually the ones they believed they had been buying or had paid for.

Caucasian farmers in the area who purchased soybean seeds from the same company experienced yields between 60 and 100 b.u. while the African American farmers who supposedly purchased the same seeds saw yields less than 10 b.u. The seed company denies that they have discriminated against the farmers and has actually filed a motion to dismiss the case.

It is not known for how many seasons the African American farmers received the low-yield crops nor how much money they paid for the seeds. Some believe that there may have been a goal of making the black farmers sell their land to the white farmers if yields remained too low.



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