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What should you know about Zofran?

Louisiana residents who have used Zofran may have heard that legal actions have been taken against its parent company. But why were these actions taken? Is Zofran unsafe? And if you have suffered from negative side effects because of Zofran, can you receive compensation?

Zofran is an anti-nausea medication that was originally marketed for women who were undergoing chemotherapy. However, later on, it became marketed illegally as anti-nausea aids for pregnant women who had morning sickness. Unfortunately, because of this off-label use, some pregnant women discovered that their children had birth defects.

As a drug on the market since 1991, Zofran allegedly caused defects in up to 30,000 children due to its off-label uses. Fraudulent marketing charges were levied against the parent company of Zofran, who paid a $3 billion dollar settlement to the Department of Justice.

FindLaw discusses the current lawsuits against Zofran. Injured parties are claiming that the parent company concealed evidence that Zofran can cause birth defects, unlawfully marketed the product for off-label use, and failed to disclose the potential risks that would come with these uses.

In addition to that, they make note of the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did not approve Zofran for the use of pregnant women. Rather, it has only been approved for use after some surgeries or during radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

If you or your child have suffered because of Zofran, you may want to keep an eye out for mass torts or other class action lawsuits. Contacting an attorney to see what your options are in terms of financial compensation may also be an option to consider.

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