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What are myths and truths about post-crash insurance?

Louisiana residents who get into a car crash will soon have to deal with insurance companies. You may have heard warnings about this before, or stories about how tricky handling insurance can be. While some of these tales may be true, some can also be fabricated or exaggerated. Here are some true facts and untrue popular myths or misconceptions about dealing with an insurance company after a crash.

FindLaw lists the basics of making an insurance claim after a crash. This includes quick reporting and contacting the at-fault driver, if you were not at fault. Many people believe that you need to act quickly when reporting an insurance claim and this is true. Most companies require the crash to be reported within 24 hours. 

From there, an investigation will be launched. You will likely be asked to provide forms of evidence. This can include photographs of the crash site, pictures of damage done to your car, and even a medical report given by a doctor or facility selected by the insurance company.

In some cases, it's possible for the insurance company to calculate the damage payout based on formulas that attempt to lessen the fault of their customer. Another tactic to reduce their payout is attempting to pin a portion of the fault onto you. These are common tactics that may be readily dealt with if you have the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Depending on the severity of your injuries and the value of the insurance claim that's been calculated, you'll then get insurance money which can be used to cover medical expenses, car damage, and more.

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