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Reporting product problems

Food and product recalls occur more than Louisiana residents might think. Shockingly enough, thousands of products can sit on shelves for weeks -- and even months -- before a red flag appears. No matter the extent of the injury, consumers have rights to remain safe. After all, the public places immense trust in countless products that are part of everyday life, and it is the responsibility of the company at fault to address the issue.

Just last week, KTBS 3 News highlighted three cases of oral injuries that resulted in the recall of various SPAM and Hormel products. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recalled over 200,000 pounds of SPAM, as well as another Hormel product, after consumers found shards of metal in the containers. Minor oral injuries occurred as a result. The canned food had been produced earlier this year at a plant in Fremont, Nebraska. 

Instances such as these may fade to the background as soon as they appear, but they often leave consumers injured and even fearful of food products. When any type of product is in question, they may report the situation to ensure safety for all consumers, as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration explains in an outline on reporting product problems. Consumers who have been injured or suspect that an injury could take place as a result of a faulty product may report concerns to the FDA, an organization whose primary focus is to protect the public. These products do not only pertain to food; medical devices, cosmetics and even veterinary products are other commonly reported items. Consumers may report products when they cause any adverse side effects, illness, injury, therapeutic failures or any other problem. As the FDA emphasizes, reporting an issue with a product not only ensures safety for the individual consumer, but for any potential consumers in the future. 




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