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How long will you be recovering from a dog attack?

In Louisiana, dog attacks are often highly publicized, but only for a short period of time. However, people like you who have been attacked or bitten by dogs will continue living with the aftermath of the attack long past the time news outlets stop reporting on it. Here is what you should be prepared for regarding the long-term impact of dog bite attacks.

The Seattle Times highlights this idea that dog bite victims will continue to suffer long after an attack is over. Though people initially think of the up-front costs such as life-saving surgery, antibiotics, or injections, the true costs can run much deeper.

First off, there are the medical bills to consider. If you've been left disfigured by dog bites, you may need to go to a reconstructive surgeon. Some surgeons say that reconstructive operations, especially on the face, can take anywhere from 2 to 5 procedures or even more. 

There's also the fact that some scars simply won't fade with time. Certain tissue might remain damaged. Even after reconstructive surgery, some areas of the body may never look the same again. Nerve damage is also an issue. It can strongly impact all areas of your life, especially if your job involved needing a strong sense of touch.

The financial loss can manifest in many ways, but is especially prevalent in terms of medical care, whether that comes in the form of surgeries, medication, therapy for mental trauma, or lost wages from needing to take time off of work. If you have been injured in a dog attack, the aid of an attorney could help you at least cover the financial losses you have suffered, easing some of your burden as you tackle the rest.

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