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Even if you walk away from a car crash, seek medical care

Perhaps you were never involved in a vehicle accident until a hefty SUV rear-ended your small hybrid. You felt a bit shaky as a result, but otherwise the only serious damage appeared to be to your car.

Symptoms of physical damage may not show up right away, and even if you feel fine after a collision, you should consider going for a medical evaluation.

Whiplash could spell trouble

You often hear about the victim of a rear-end collision experiencing whiplash. You assume there will be neck stiffness for a few days, but nothing more. However, whiplash is caused when your head snaps back and forth as the result of the impact to your vehicle. Neck stiffness may not be the only issue you face. Headaches may develop in the next several days, which may indicate a more serious problem, such a concussion or a blood clot on the brain. In fact, your whiplash may require a CT scan or MRI to see if there is a more significant head or neck injury.

Personality changes and flashbacks

Other delayed symptoms that might indicate a more serious condition include a change in personality or a feeling of depression. Symptoms like these might suggest a traumatic brain injury, which could result from concussion. Reliving the crash through flashbacks or nightmares could indicate the presence of post-traumatic stress disorder, which often occurs in children who are accident victims.

Back injuries

A seemingly minor collision can also cause back pain, which you should not ignore. You could have suffered injury to the muscles, nerves, ligaments or vertebrae. Data gathered by the Back & Neck Pain Center shows that victims report low back pain in over half of all rear-end crashes and nearly three-quarters of all side-impact accidents.

A prompt medical evaluation will not only be essential for your state of health, but a timely medical report will connect any injuries you may have directly to the accident, which will be important when you file a claim for compensation.

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