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Do you want to rent your house to vacationers?

In Louisiana, home rental services are becoming more and more popular. With these services, people like you are able to rent out property that you own to other tenants for a limited amount of time, usually for vacationing purposes. But do you know what the regulating laws are regarding these services?

AirBNB, a top hub for home rental services, reminds everyone that the laws for becoming a rental host differ from state to state. Even different cities within a state can have conflicting laws regarding your eligibility as a host. For example, in New Orleans, you would need a short term rental license in order to list your home on any rental site.

Not only that, but you will also need to consider taxes. Though some cities may not require fees or taxes to be collected on rental properties, that isn't the case for certain cities in Louisiana. Make sure you understand whether or not you'll be taxed for renting out your property, and understand what those tax rates are.

Home Owners Associations, leases, condo board and co-op rules also still apply even if the city laws state that it's perfectly fine for you to rent. Basically, if your city says you can rent but your lease has terms in it prohibiting you from doing so, you're still legally bound by the lease and won't be able to rent.

Since zoning laws, taxes, and contracts can all get complicated very quickly, it's advisable to check with an attorney if you have more questions about potentially renting out your property.

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