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What to know about the romaine lettuce warning

Louisiana residents are likely aware of the warning about romaine lettuce. Some people may think that this vegetable is still safe to eat since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not issued a recall. However, warnings about tainted food should usually not be taken lightly.

CNN says that romaine lettuce has recently been contaminated with E.coli. While some strains of this bacteria do not harm people, others can cause people to become ill. The strain affecting some romaine lettuce is one of the kinds that make people sick. Some people might experience vomiting and cramps and these symptoms can last for a week or more.

While the FDA originally warned people about romaine lettuce found in salad mixes, this warning was recently expanded to include all types of this vegetable. Contaminated lettuce has primarily affected people around Yuma, Arizona. However, it is unknown if the tainted romaine is connected to a specific brand or supplier, and a package of romaine does not always specify where the lettuce was grown. Because of this, it is important for people to dispose of any romaine lettuce currently in their house. It is also a good idea to avoid romaine lettuce at restaurants.

People may think that tainted food is always recalled. According to USA Today, romaine lettuce has not been recalled because the lettuce is not linked to one specific supplier. In this situation, the FDA usually does not issue a recall. Instead, it releases a warning so people know they should not eat the product. Most of the time, food recalls are voluntary. Many companies issue a recall when they realize that one of their products could harm consumers. When this happens, the FDA typically makes sure the public is informed about the situation. 

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