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What a food recall really means

When Louisiana residents hear about food recalls, they may wonder if they really need to remove certain products from their homes. These recalls come in varying levels of severity and it is important for people to understand these differences so they can keep their family safe.

Not all food is recalled because it is unsafe for consumption. The International Food Information Council Foundation says that some food recalls happen because a product was mislabeled. Most of the time this means that the ingredient label was missing an ingredient. This kind of recall is considered a Class III recall and people usually do not experience health problems. A Class II recall also concerns mislabeling but in this situation, an allergen was typically omitted. A Class I recall usually occurs because the product has been contaminated with some kind of bacteria. Because these bacteria may sometimes cause people to become ill, people should generally pay attention to this type of food recall.  

When people first hear about a recall, it is important for them to know what to do with these products. They usually should not open the product. Instead, people should typically look at the recall notice because sometimes there may be a specific way they should remove the item.

Additionally, it is a good idea to find out why a product has been recalled. According to Cooking Light, food is typically not safe if it has been contaminated. If a product was recalled because the company did not declare an allergen, people can usually still eat the food if they are not allergic to that specific substance. If people bought the recalled product, it is a good idea to check the item they have in their kitchen. A recall sometimes only affects products manufactured after a certain date, and people may be able to keep a product if it was made before then.

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