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What should you know about subletting contracts?

When Louisiana residents like you are hunting for a place to live, you may quickly find the contracts to be too strict, long, or short to suit your needs. Fortunately for you, there are other options available. Subletting, or subleasing, might be one of them.

As described by FindLaw, subletting is when a tenant of an apartment or home rents out their property to you. This can be a small part of the property, such as a room or an add-on. It can also be the entire property. This can be good both for the renter and the person renting their place out, as it provides the latter with more money and gives the former a contract that's potentially much more flexible than those commonly found elsewhere.

As the subtenant under a sublease, it's up to you to pay your bills and comply with the original lease. It can be a dangerous move for the person renting their property out, however. If the subtenant doesn't pay or messes up the property, it's possible that the landowner will go after the original tenant instead. It can also be easy to get into sticky situations. For example, the landowner may demand that the tenant evict the subtenant, or face eviction themselves. In many cases, subletting is also disallowed by the landlord, making any subletting a potential breach of contract.

Needless to say, dealing with subletting issues can get complex very quickly. This is why you may want professional legal aid on your side if you have to deal with the litigation involved in a sublease.

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