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What should you know about nerve damage pains?

When Louisiana residents suffer from accidents that result in damaged nerves, you may initially be unaware of just how extensive these injuries can be. Unfortunately, the pain from nerve damage may be debilitating and take many different forms, making it difficult to treat.

First, different nerves can be damaged, resulting in unique symptoms for each. For example, sensory nerve damage will cause you to suffer from unpleasant or even painful sensations like numbness, burning, extreme sensitivity, or prickling and tingling in the affected area.

As for damaged motor nerves, which control your body's movement, it's possible to experience twitching, paralysis, or atrophy and muscular fatigue. These pains can range from very mild to so severe that it cripples your ability to lead a normal life. 

Your autonomic nerves can also be injured. These nerves support the involuntary and partially involuntary bodily functions like your internal temperature and heartbeat. Signs of nerve damage in these areas can be more noticeably severe and include:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Constipation or bladder dysfunction
  • An inability to sense pain in the chest
  • Dry mouth or eyes
  • An over or under abundance of sweating

Again, these symptoms can range from extreme to more mild depending on what area the accident damaged and how extensive the damage is.

Medical compensation is one thing that anyone suffering from nerve damage should consider pursuing, regardless of what type of nerve damage it is. Healing from injury to the nerves can be an extensive and expensive process, meaning any help might be beneficial.

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