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Check often for appliance recalls

Many people in Louisiana and elsewhere follow safe operating procedures for their appliances, but do not think much about a product's potential danger beyond taking basic safety measures. It is important to realize that an appliance can pose numerous dangers due to a malfunction, damage, faulty manufacturing or improper operation. Consumers may reduce their risk of a serious injury or death by being aware of their appliances' potential hazards and occasionally checking to see if there have been any safety issues with them.

Recently, owners of Instant Pot cookers received a scare when numerous consumers reported their cookers were overheating and causing elements in their appliances to melt. These incidents, however, did not involve the widely popular Instant Pot multicookers, but instead pertained to a certain model, the Gem 65 8-in-1 Multicooker. Not all of these multicookers were affected, but those with specific batch numbers on their appliances were urged to contact the Instant Pot company for a replacement cooker. The company has not issued an official recall on any of its products, and there have been no reported injuries, as of yet.

This incident serves as a reminder that it can be wise to stay updated on current safety issues regarding a variety of household products, from bakeware to electrical appliances. Consumers can check for safety problems by doing an Internet search about their appliance or by checking the Consumer Reports website. This site compiles reports of complaints, accidents and company recalls on numerous products, and may help consumers avoid an injury.

Source: The Washington Post, "Everyone take a deep breath. Your Instant Pot pressure cooker has not been recalled.," Becky Krystal, Feb. 23, 2018

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