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What is a class action lawsuit?

Louisiana residents like you may have heard of the term "class action lawsuit" before, but likely haven't had a reason to really delve into its meaning. However, if you are involved in a situation in which a class action lawsuit is an option for you, it's best to know what you might be dealing with before you dive in.

The Cornell Law School defines class action as a procedural device which allows multiple people to prosecute on behalf of a large group of people. Basically, a lawyer or a team of lawyers will be acting on behalf of everyone who has been wronged in a certain situation.

The most common example of a class action lawsuit usually involves some sort of medical issue or recalled product. For example, if there are faulty tires on a car that causes many owners of that vehicle to have accidents, the vehicle owners may band together and become the group represented by a legal team in a class action lawsuit. The same can happen if a certain medication harms a large number of people, usually because they do not sufficiently warn for certain side effects or put enough emphasis on the dangers of taking that particular medication.

If you have been caught up in a situation where a class action lawsuit is already happening and you would like to become part of it, you may want to seek legal guidance. An attorney will be able to help you through the process of joining a class action lawsuit and will be able to tell you what you stand to gain in your particular situation.

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