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February 2018 Archives

Are organic or natural beauty products safe?

Many people have decided to go as organic and natural as possible. For example, they may shop only in the organic sections of the grocery store and purchase skincare and beauty products labeled organic or natural. They make these decisions with an eye toward living healthier and more safely, and it can be effective.

What is a class action lawsuit?

Louisiana residents like you may have heard of the term "class action lawsuit" before, but likely haven't had a reason to really delve into its meaning. However, if you are involved in a situation in which a class action lawsuit is an option for you, it's best to know what you might be dealing with before you dive in.

What do you need to know about disclosure in a home sale?

Whether you are the one buying or selling a home, you understand that most homes are not in pristine condition when the title changes hands. You may have gone to a great deal of effort getting the house as ready as possible for the sale, but it is not uncommon for some flaws to be present. In fact, this is to be expected. It may help you and other Louisiana residents to understand the requirements regarding the disclosure of known defects in a home before the sale.

What can a homeowners association regulate?

If you are considering the purchase of a Louisiana condominium, townhouse or home, check to see if it is located in a common interest development with a homeowners association. If so, make sure you understand the HOA’s governing structure, its rules and regulations regarding the community’s homes or units, and the annual dues and monthly fees it charges individual homeowners before making your buying decision.

Tesla's Autopilot feature still requires drivers to be attentive

New technologies are constantly being developed that make people's lives safer and easier. However, it is important that people understand how to properly use innovative technologies, or injuries may result. One of these is the Autopilot driver assistance system in Tesla vehicles. Many drivers in Louisiana and elsewhere may falsely believe that Autopilot allows them to take their attention away from the task of driving.

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