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It could help to research what is in your beauty products

There are countless health and cosmetic products on the market today. You may have at least a dozen in your home. As our team at Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South, LLP, knows, just because something is made for your skin does not mean it is necessarily safe. Like you would look at the ingredients in your food, it may be smart for you and other Louisiana residents to be informed of what goes into your health products.

You may already be familiar with the recall of several children’s cosmetic products by the national retailer Claire’s. USA TODAY explained that store officials issued the recall after claims by a mother, who said her daughter’s makeup contained asbestos. Reportedly, the woman sent the makeup to a laboratory and had it tested, since she knew that asbestos is sometimes found in talc. Talc is a mineral that is often used in cosmetics and health products, including talcum powder and eyeshadow.

Additional testing of numerous products, conducted by Claire’s officials, indicated that the products did not contain asbestos. Store spokespeople said that their talc was supplied by a certified asbestos-free vendor. You may be interested to know that the store will continue to honor returns for cosmetics said to be affected by the recall.

It would seem that there is little risk of asbestos exposure from products by Claire’s or other retailers. However, this incident illustrates the potential for harmful ingredients to be in the products we use regularly, as our page on dangerous products explains in more detail.

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