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Harmful ingredients can be hidden inside products

When people buy a product, they usually assume the product has been tested for the safety of consumers. This can be especially true when the product is meant for children. Unfortunately, there are numerous products available in Louisiana, as well as across the country, that have been improperly tested or contain ingredients of unknown origin and can cause harm to multiple people.

Recently, the national cosmetics and beauty accessory chain Claire's came under scrutiny, after a mother sent in some of the store's makeup for testing. The makeup, which is marketed toward little girls, reportedly contained asbestos. Asbestos can be found in talc, which is used in many beauty and health products in the United States. In response, the store issued a recall on nine makeup products and sent several items from numerous states for additional testing. Spokespeople from the store said that the recent tests came back negative for asbestos, but they are continuing to test products. While Claire's asserts that the talcum ingredients in their cosmetics are from a certified asbestos-free vendor, the store is continuing to honor returns for those who are concerned about product safety.

Hopefully, it will prove true through additional testing that Claire's products do not contain harmful ingredients. The incident, however, illustrates how a scare from a supposedly safe product may come to light. It may be in consumers' best interests to check for themselves when they have questions about a product's safety. Sending a product to a laboratory for testing may be one way to do this, but checking online for recalls and incident reports by other consumers may also help.

Source: USA TODAY, "Claire's refutes allegation that girls' cosmetics contain asbestos," Jefferson Graham, Dec. 29, 2017

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