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What is nerve damage?

There are many causes for damaged nerves, and Louisiana residents like you could end up dealing with the inconvenient and painful consequences. If you notice any of the following signs or symptoms, it could mean that your nerves have suffered from some sort of trauma.

WebMD states that nerve pain and damage can affect three main types of nerves. These are the motor nerves, the sensory nerves, and the autonomic nerves. The first control your actions, passing on signals from your brain to make your muscles move. The second relays information you take in from your skin so your brain can interpret it. The third is for partially voluntary or completely involuntary activities like your heartbeat, digestion, and regulating your temperature. 

When your nerves are damaged, you could face a huge array of problems. For example, deep burns can cause nerve damage that prevents you from being able to feel anything with the burnt area of skin. Twisting your neck in the wrong way can cause pain by pinching a nerve. Nerve damage to the autonomic system is particularly harmful, as these systems are often vital to the continued survival of your body.

Symptoms will differ from person to person and depend on the severity and location of your injury. Likewise, the prospects of healing will depend on how badly damaged your nerves are. Unfortunately, some workplace accidents may result in you suffering from nerve damage that has long-lasting impacts or is difficult or impossible to repair. In these situations, seeking compensation might be a considerable option.

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