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What are easements?

Real estate owners in Louisiana may someday have use for an easement. There are many different situations that easements may apply to, but what exactly are they? How do they impact real estate or land owners like you, and how can you use them to your advantage?

The Balance states that easements are a right that you give to someone else to either use or trespass on your property. It's possible for easements to expire. It's also possible for you to set up different payment schedules for easements. These schedules can either cover one-time use, or they can be a more regular payment schedule that works for you.

Easements can be used in many scenarios, though some of the most common involve public access work. Making roads and allowing for cable lines to run through your property are a couple of examples. Additionally, if your house is inaccessible without crossing someone else's property, you may need an easement in order to do that.

It should be noted that your house may already have an easement. They're generally put in place for the sake of utility access. Any easements that have been made can be found in public records. This is important for you to look into because easements cannot be built on top of while they're still in existence.

Easements can be an excellent tool if you're a property owner. Even if you don't have an immediate use for them, it's entirely possible that you'll need this knowledge in the future. Knowing the application of easements may one day be a great asset to you.

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