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What should you know about cell phone radiation?

Louisiana residents spend a lot of time talking on their cell phones. We at the office of Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South strive to expose the dangers of excessive exposure to cell phone radiation, which many people are not even aware that they are exposed to.

Both brain cancers and certain types of tumors have been proven to be linked to cell phone radiation. This type of radiation when the cell phone emits radio frequencies, which can happen while it's in use and close to your head. It can even disrupt your brain activity. The longer you're exposed to this type of radiation, the more you risk the development of these cancers or tumors.

Certain people are at a higher risk for radiation exposure than others. For example, those who use cell phones more frequently are exposed to higher amounts of radiation. Perhaps surprisingly, your age can also affect how much these waves will impact you. The strength of the signal, the model of the cell phone, and the amount of cellular traffic in any given area can also have an effect on the strength of the exposure. Additionally, talking on speaker versus holding the phone up to your ear may help to reduce the impact of the radiation you could be dealing with.

If you've been diagnosed with certain disorders or illnesses related to cell phone radiation, you may be entitled to compensation. Check out our web page on cell phone litigation if you'd like a good place to start out with your research.

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