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Typical injuries from a car crash may not be obvious

Louisiana drivers understand the risks associated with getting behind the wheel, but many may not realize that injuries resulting from a car accident can sometimes take time to appear. While a broken bone or a laceration may be a clear sign of injury, after an accident, it is important to be aware of other common injuries that may become apparent in a few days.

As KTAR News explains, internal bleeding is a large concern after an accident, as it can be fatal if not treated, but it is not visible. If large bruises or swelling of the abdomen occurs in the aftermath of an accident, a doctor should be seen immediately as this could be a life-threatening emergency. Whiplash, or injury to the neck, is what many people typically think of when they consider pain resulting from a car crash, but many are not aware that diagnosing whiplash can sometimes require MRI, CT scans or X-rays. A whiplash injury could also result in feeling numb because of the trauma the spinal column endured.

A common, but lesser-known, condition after a car accident is post-traumatic stress disorder. As the Journal Sentinel reports, most people associate PTSD with soldiers returning from war, but even a single traumatic incident can lead to a PTSD diagnosis. Due to the sudden and often terrifying nature of a car crash, many people suffer the effects of PTSD in the aftermath of a crash. Symptoms can include flashbacks, troubled sleep, avoiding daily activities that remind a person of the incident, sweating and increased heart rate, and depression.

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