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Movie set fatality highlights importance of helmet laws

Louisiana motorists know they need to take added precautions when sharing the road with a nearby motorcycle, given the added risk the rider faces from exposure, and a recent motorcycle accident on the set of a movie has highlighted these concerns.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, a stunt driver on the set of the film Deadpool 2 was recently killed when she had an issue with her throttle. As an experienced racer, the woman was able to successfully complete the stunt several times on set, but during her fifth run-through, she lost control of the motorcycle. The bike hopped the curb and crashed through the glass of a nearby building, and the victim reportedly did not hit the brakes. Adding to the severity of the accident is the fact that the stunt woman was not wearing a helmet because the character she was portraying never wore a helmet.

In Louisiana, helmets are required of all motorcyclists. In fact, a recent measure to overturn the helmet law failed last year. As the Insurance Journal reports, a bill to repeal the requirement that motorcyclists wear helmets was defeated in the state House by a vote of 49-46, just missing the necessary 53 votes needed. While some representatives supported overturning the law as a matter of "personal choice," others worried both for the safety of the riders involved, as well as the costs the state would pay for uninsured riders who were injured without helmets. Governor John Bel Edwards was against the passage of the bill and said that he would have vetoed it if it had passed.

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