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High contact sports and serious injuries

The approaching fall season brings the exciting events of a new school semester, fall holidays and, of course, football. Louisiana football season is much like any other in America, wherein a plethora of fans frequently gather to view the sport as a community. When one considers the physical injuries that can occur from contact sports, especially those pertaining to the spinal cord, the thrill of such sports can quickly appear grim. 

An article on WWL-TV News of Louisiana speculates on the possible dangers in connection with football, showing that doctors claim spinal injuries from sports are actually uncommon. With an average of 1.5 million students playing football in the country, one might expect such injuries to be more prevalent. Even still, most football-related spinal cord injuries occur on the amateur level -- the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research found that from 1977 to 2006, there were 222 spinal cord injuries that caused permanent damage at the high school football level, with only 9 occurring at the professional level.

While it is true that concussions pose a much larger threat in the realm of contact sports, spinal cord injuries can be just as (if not more) dangerous and time-sensitive. The Brain Injury Association of Louisiana confirms this danger, in that damage to the spinal cord can affect a person's sensory, motor and reflex messages. When it comes to sports, the chances of suffering a spinal cord injury are still slim, but nevertheless occur. Out of the 11,000 new injuries occurring each year, 8.2 percent of those injuries are from playing a sport.     


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