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The harsh realities of toxic spills

Toxic spills are often a double-edged sword, as such incidents can become hazardous to environments and residents alike. The number of toxic waste sites in Louisiana -- including the "dead sea" off the Gulf of Mexico and the tragic BP 2010 oil spill --  have raised concern for Louisiana residents and the United States as a whole.

Louisiana's beauty has been compromised by such debilitating incidents, and residents of the state have suffered greatly from these disasters, as well. While the solution to toxic spills may be complex, there are numerous organizations that offer clean-up services and support regarding hazardous waste.

Toxic Spills and the Aftermath  

Various Louisiana plants are targets for investigation in regards to toxic spills. According to the Los Angeles Times, specific plants and companies were recently found violating safety procedures, including improperly labeling hazardous-waste containers and for holes in the facilities' walls and roofs. To the horror of many Louisiana residents, the state Department of Toxic Substances Control has allowed one of the facilities to operate over an extended time with a temporary permit. Many argue that companies that violate such simple safety regulations should be shut down, especially given the number of mass torts that victims of toxic spills have put into motion.  

Moving Forward

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade is an environmental health and justice organization that works to help communities become informed, sustainable neighborhoods free from industrial pollution. The LBB is working to stop projects that threaten the environment, such as the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. The Bayou Bridge Pipeline is project by the same company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, and could potentially pollute the drinking supplies for at least 300,000 Louisiana residents. When it comes to toxic spills, such incidents can be highly dangerous to residents, causing coughing, headaches and dizziness, among other more long-term, permanent health issues.    



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