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How dangerous are faulty products?

Louisiana residents like you expect for the products you buy to be safe and accurately labeled. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. At Lundy Lundy Soileau South LLP, we help you work through difficult cases in which you've been harmed by a faulty product.

Faulty products can cover a very broad range of issues. Everything from a leaking gas canister to a broken garage door hinge to a pizza cutter with a covering that doesn't fit properly can do you harm. Certain injuries or issues can occur because known hazards aren't properly warned for. Other problems may happen because unexpected hazards are left undetected in production and make it to you, the consumer, without being noticed and labeled correctly.

It doesn't just apply to dangerous items, either. Benign items can become dangerous if they have parts that are faulty. For example, toy trucks that have pieces that break off may pose as choking hazards to small children. A curling iron without a working internal thermometer can easily burn your hair or skin. These items may be even more dangerous due to the fact that no one expects them to be harmful.

When you've suffered from personal injury resulting from faulty products, you deserve the compensation that you need to start healing your wounds and getting your life back on track. To read more about how to handle personal injury cases and what options are available to you, please visit the link here and take a look at our web page featuring information about personal injuries.

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