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Louisiana's laws on distracted driving

Louisiana drivers who are concerned for their safety and the safety of those they love when faced with distracted drivers on the road should understand the state's laws on this topic. While 14 states around the nation have already banned the use of any cell phone in handheld mode by any driver, Louisiana has not according to the Governors Highway Safety Association.

Instead, Louisiana only restricts people with learner or intermediate driving privileges from the handheld use of a mobile phone while driving. When it comes to using cell phones in a hands-free mode, it is only school bus drivers and those persons in their first 12 months of being licensed who may not use a phone at all when behind the wheel. For these groups, this law is a primary law which means an officer could pull a driver over and cite them for that reason only. Texting while driving is expressly illegal for all drivers at all times.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety explains that the dangers associated with distracted driving do not exist only while a driver is actively engaged in the distracted behavior. It has been discovered that there is a latency period once a driver refocuses on driving that can last as long as 27 seconds. This latency period refers to the length of time it takes a person's brain to re-engage with an activity after being distracted from it.

While distractions can and do come in many forms, the use of cell phones and especially texting may well be the most serious risks that people face on the roads from distracted drivers.




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