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Different types of elder abuse

Do you have a parent, aunt, uncle or other loved one in Louisiana who can no longer live alone? This is a situation faced by many people around the south and the nation on a daily basis anymore and many families make the choice to move their relatives into nursing homes or other types of assisted living facilities. Even after taking the time to research a nursing home, it is understandable for relatives to worry about the level of care provided to the residents as many reports abound about abuse in nursing homes.

The American Psychological Association indicates that elder abuse can take many forms. This may well be part of what makes it so difficult to prevent or notice until things progress to a very serious level. People may be neglected by not having daily care provided on a regular basis such as baths, teeth brushing, clothes or bedding changes and more. These things may contribute to health problems for elderly people. Emotional abuse including name calling or being ignored can cause mental trauma.

Sexual and physical abuse is also known to take place in nursing homes. Families who are told that their relative fell may want to investigate such allegations to make sure that the story is accurate and that the fall was truly an accident.

If you would like to learn more about the types of elder abuse that may happen in a nursing home or other care environment, please feel free to visit the nursing home neglect and abuse page of our Louisiana personal injury website.

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