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Concussion laws in Louisiana

As concussions in sports become a concern for parents across the nation deciding if they want their children to participate, it is worth knowing that Louisiana has laws on the books to help protect young athletes. According to The Advertiser, the Louisiana Youth Concussion Act was passed in 2011 and it established educational requirements for those involved in youth sports. Now, all officials, coaches, and staff, whether they are paid or volunteers, who are involved in youth sports for children between the ages of 7 and 17 to attend annual training on recognizing the symptoms of concussions.

Under the law, if there is any concern at all that a child has suffered a concussion they are to be removed from playing until a medical professional has cleared them to play again. This is meant to protect from a repeat injury because multiple concussions can result when the original injury was not properly treated and given the necessary time needed to heal. The training helps to set up a protocol to be followed, both to help the young athlete and to protect the organization from liability.

In fact, concussions in sports are becoming so prevalent that a Louisiana business is installing sensors in football helmets to help identify injuries. The Advocate reports that Head Health Network won a contest for its use of sensors to help measure the force in football collisions. The Louisiana State University football program uses the sensors, which allows coaches to see impact data on collisions in practice and games in real time, in order to make sure athletes who could be at risk can receive treatment.

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