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Unleashed dog goes for postal worker

To some people in Louisiana, the image of a mail carrier walking down a neighborhood street carrying a bag of mail may harken back to past, more relaxed times. However, this is still a big part of many postal carriers' days as they often get out of their trucks and deliver letters or packages on foot and by hand. In the process, they have to navigate things like uneven pavement, lifted pieces of sidewalks and loose dogs.

All of these things can pose a hazard to a mail carrier who is simply trying to do their job and serve the public. When the people responsible for things fail to take care of them, a mail carrier may be injured. That is exactly what happened in New Orleans in the spring of 2016. An unleashed dog managed to attack a postal carrier who was walking along a stretch of Moss Street in New Orleans while on the job.

It is not known exactly what injuries he experienced but the postal employee has since filed a lawsuit against the dog's owners for their negligence in not managing their dog. The case also accuses the pet owners of not appropriately warning people about a potential danger. Reports did not indicate what the dog's breed was or if the owners faced any other liability in the matter.

After a dog bites or attacks someone in Louisiana, people may find it helpful to learn how they might seek compensation by talking with an attorney.

Source: Louisiana Record, "Mail carrier alleges dog attack," Carrie Bradon, May 4, 2017

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