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Understanding CC&Rs

For those looking to buy a home in St. Charles, one of the main advantages of ownership that they likely hope to enjoy is the freedom to do what they want with their property. While most may understand that zoning laws and city ordinances mean that home modifications must be within reason, many new homebuyers still likely believe they have full control over landscaping as well as interior and exterior design decisions. However, that may not be true in some cases.

Those who move into a planned development (such as a subdivision or gated community) often become subject to certain rules known as covenants, conditions and restrictions. The real estate website defines CC&Rs as freedoms a homebuyer forfeits in order to be part of a shared community. Many associate CC&Rs with homeowners associations, when in reality they can also be mandated by builders, developers and community planners.  

Examples of CC&R’s include:

  •          The color of paint one can apply to the exterior of his or her house
  •          The types of landscaping one may do
  •          Whether or not pets are allowed in the community
  •          The types of vehicles one can park or store on his or her property
  •          Whether one can install a basketball hoop, RV pad or swimming pool

A list of a community’s CC&Rs can be attained before closing on the purchase of a property. If one does not agree with a rule, he or she can go through whatever steps are required of the entity furnishing the CC&Rs to try and change them. Yet information shared by Quicken Loans points out that once one signs a community’s CC&Rs prior to purchasing a property, they are publicly recorded and legally binding, and the assumption is that he or she agrees to all of them. 

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