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How can I avoid common motorcycle accidents?

Cruising along Louisiana roads on a two-wheeled vehicle can be exciting, but it is also one of the more dangerous ways to travel. The lack of protection that a motorcycle offers gives you a major disadvantage if you are involved in a crash with a bigger vehicle. You can keep yourself and any passengers safe by following some safety tips from to avoid some of the most common motorcycle accidents.


First, while “fender benders” may be minor for cars, they can be devastating for motorcycles. Since these smaller vehicles can stop faster than bigger forms of transportation, motorcyclists will be at an advantage in avoiding a collision with a stopped car, but will be more likely to be hit from behind as other vehicles attempt to stop. To avoid this, rather than stopping directly behind another vehicle, veer to the side. If there is nowhere to go on the side, be very aware of how near the cars behind you are and scoot out of the way if it appears they will not be able to stop in time.


Small debris is another major danger for motorcyclists. Gravel, sand and leaves can create slippery surfaces and cause slim wheels to slide. If you encounter this situation, you can try trail braking. The best way to avoid this situation is to remain alert and take turns cautiously to avoid being surprised by a patch of debris.


Collisions between cars and motorcycles most often occur when a car turns left in front of the motorcyclist. In order to avoid this situation, watch any left-turning drivers as you approach intersections to be sure they are not distracted and see you. This information is meant to educate and should not be taken as legal advice.

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