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3 infamous product recalls

When you purchase a product, you trust that the manufacturer has tested it and verified its safety. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and consumers sustain injuries from the products they buy. In such situations, it might not be clear what to do. You should seek medical treatment for any injuries you sustain as a result of product usage and report the issue to the manufacturer.

It is the responsibility of a manufacturer to recall any product that is a liability to consumers. Though quality control and safety testing should prevent unsafe products from making it to shelves, many consumers suffer harm from products that fall through the cracks. The following are three infamous instances of this.

Deciding if buying a home is right for you

Louisiana residents who are looking for a new home will usually have two primary options. They can either buy the home, or rent it. While other options do exist, today we will focus on buying houses and the potential benefits and drawbacks that can go along with that.

CNBC takes a look at the pros and cons of purchasing a house. They start off with the time it will take to pay off closing costs from a sale, which can be up to 5 years. This makes buying a poor option for people who don't think they'll be staying in one place for long. Likewise, they encourage people to take taxes into consideration. For example, rent may seem cheaper. However, property taxes and mortgage interest on a house can be tax deductible, which could end up evening out the expenses.

What should you know before entering the housing market?

As a resident in Louisiana who is looking to move elsewhere, you're going to need to enter the housing market again. Since this can be complex, Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South, LLP, are here to help guide you through what you need to know as you prepare to buy or sell a house.

The first thing to know is that it's a buyer's market currently. This means that the buyers are the ones determining price points, desirability of property, and more. As someone looking to purchase a house, this can work in your favor. However, if you're looking to sell your home, you should be prepared to run into some potential hurdles.

What are symptoms of a brain injury?

When you and your family are involved in a collision in Louisiana, someone's head may sometimes slam into the headrest or another part of the car. Immediately after the accident occurs, you may not think much about this wound. However, some head injuries may result in a traumatic brain injury, and it is important to recognize the symptoms.

Although anyone might incur a brain injury in a car accident, some factors might make it more likely that you or a family member might have this injury. The Mayo Clinic says that men of all ages and young adults who are between 15 and 24 years old may be more likely to incur this wound. Additionally, children younger than 4 and adults older than 60 may be more prone to suffer a brain injury. People may experience different symptoms depending on their age.

Are cell phones dangerous to your health?

Like many Americans, Louisiana residents will often have cell phones that they require for daily business. Whether you need to call clients, talk to your boss, surf the internet or even just meet up with or talk to friends, cell phones are a prevalent part in everyday life. But can they harm you?

The National Cancer Institute has examined the claims that cell phones can cause cancer or other harmful side effects due to radiation. Though this was a concern for a while, especially with the increased usage and commonality of cell phones over time, there has been no conclusive evidence drawn that shows a tie between non-ionizing radiation and cancer. Items that produce non-ionizing radiation include things like cell phones, microwaves, and radar.

What can I do about a bad tenant?

Nearly every landlord in Louisiana has a horror story: the elderly couple with six cats who never used a litterbox; the college frat boys who threw loud, drunken parties seemingly every other night; the family who let their children run amok and break every appliance in the apartment. You might, so far, have been lucky enough to avoid renting to the worst types of tenants, but that doesn't mean your renters are ideal. In fact, some might be causing enough of an inconvenience that you wonder if you can evict them.

You might be an easygoing landlord, but even tenants who break minor rules may get worse over time or cause enough cumulative damage to end up being costly after they've moved out. The following infractions are some of the most common ones that tenants end up getting evicted for:

  • Not paying rent or consistently being significantly late on rent
  • Having pets when the lease prohibits animals
  • Subletting the rental, or allowing people who are not on the lease agreement to live there
  • Violating the rules regarding late-night guests, parties, music and noise
  • Damaging the property, whether intentional or accidental
  • Conducting illegal activities on the premises

Should you pay attention to vehicle recalls?

When you hear about vehicle recalls, you may wonder if your family will be safe as you drive Louisiana roads. Because your family relies on your car to get around town safely, it is important to pay attention to motor vehicle recalls and understand what they mean for your car.

Like many drivers, you may think that a vehicle recall will not affect your car. According to Consumer Reports, it is important to take action when you learn about possible vehicle defects. While some of these recalls may indicate minor safety problems, others may be more serious. While you might think you can ignore the situation because your car seems fine, it is important to remember that some problems may not always be evident. Possible safety problems can usually be repaired only if you bring your car to a mechanic.

Is the nursing home chemically restraining your parent?

If your parent lives in a nursing home, you likely spend a good amount of time worrying about his or her safety, health and welfare. You may fear that (s)he does not get the care (s)he needs and deserves, especially if (s)he suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, you may have reason for your concerns.

A study recently released by Human Rights Watch reveals that nursing homes across the country routinely dose their residents with antipsychotic drugs in order to control their behavior.

Will DEET harm my family?

Almost nothing can ruin a family outing for Louisiana residents worse than getting eaten alive by mosquitos. You might hesitate to buy mosquito repellant because you are worried that the chemicals can cause serious illness or birth defects. This concern is a good reason to stay informed on the potential risks of various products, as well as the recommended ways to use them.

Insect repellants containing the chemical ingredient DEET are widely known as the most effective way to keep mosquitos, ticks and fleas off your skin. Consumers have been concerned for some time about the possible health effects of coming into contact with DEET, with worries ranging from seizures and birth defects to death. However, as Consumer Reports explains, numerous government agencies and health care officials say DEET is safe when it is used properly. You might want to take note of the following suggestions for using a DEET product:

  • Choose a product containing 30 percent DEET; a higher concentration isn’t necessary and won’t be any more effective.
  • Don’t use an insect repellant on an infant younger than two months old.
  • Follow the application instructions on the container, and don’t let children apply it themselves.

Treating a dog bite injury

Louisiana residents who run afoul of aggressive dogs will have to take quick action to care for their injuries. If they don't, infections can occur, and the injury a person ends up dealing with could be much more of a headache than it otherwise would have been.

WebMD has a section dedicated to the treatment of dog bite wounds. If a person has been bitten, they should first compress the area with a towel to prevent further bleeding. The area should also be cleaned and, if possible, elevated above the heart level. Bandages should be applied to keep the wound sterile, as well as antibiotic ointments. Despite how serious or mild a person thinks a dog bite is, it might be best to see a doctor about it as well.

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