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Mass Torts Archives

Should you participate in a mass tort?

All across the nation, mass tort cases are seen in court on the daily. This is because issues with faulty mass-produced products like toys, cars, appliances, or medication may affect large numbers of people. Mass torts can represent hundreds or even thousands of individuals who have been wronged by dangerous or defective products.

The harsh realities of toxic spills

Toxic spills are often a double-edged sword, as such incidents can become hazardous to environments and residents alike. The number of toxic waste sites in Louisiana -- including the "dead sea" off the Gulf of Mexico and the tragic BP 2010 oil spill --  have raised concern for Louisiana residents and the United States as a whole.

Use of pesticides inspires controversy and legislation

Many in Louisiana, and around the country, have heard about the Environmental Protection Agency rejecting their own scientific conclusions about the safety of a widely used pesticide. As the New York Times reports, the new head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, reversed a ban on the use chlorpyrifos. This chemical is used on over 40,000 farms in the country, but has been banned for household use since 2000.

How are class action settlements distributed?

The resolution of a class action lawsuit in Lake Charles can be a tedious process no matter what your level of involvement in the case may be. Hopefully, however, after all is said and done, a favorable ruling is issued and a settlement is awarded. Once that happens, it inevitable question then becomes “Now what?”

Defining class certification requirements

People in Lake Charles likely hear news of class action lawsuits quite frequently. Yet even with the publicity that such lawsuits generate, many may know little about them other than the fact that they are brought by multiple plaintiffs. This may lead some to mistakenly believe that any case involving more than one complainant qualifies as a class action lawsuit.

Is talcum powder dangerous?

If you are a woman in Lake Charles who regularly uses talcum powder for personal hygiene, you might be alarmed by recent reports involving talc-based products and the risk of cancer. While these products are deemed safe by respective manufacturers, many women are still concerned about their lifetime usage of such products, and some have even filed lawsuits alleging that manufacturers were not forthcoming about possible risks.

Who can appeal FDA decisions on required warnings on drug labels?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is supposed to approve pharmaceuticals only when they have been found to be generally safe and effective for most users. Basically, its job is to ensure that "quack" remedies aren't sold as medicines, and that effective medicines are not more dangerous than the conditions they treat.

Over $1 billion awarded in DePuy artificial hip case, more to come

A federal jury in Dallas has just ruled that officials at DePuy knew their Pinnacle hip replacement implants were defective but failed to warn doctors and patients as required by law. Six patients had sued DePuy and its parent company Johnson & Johnson after their hip implants failed, injuring them and requiring replacement.

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