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Typical injuries from a car crash may not be obvious

Louisiana drivers understand the risks associated with getting behind the wheel, but many may not realize that injuries resulting from a car accident can sometimes take time to appear. While a broken bone or a laceration may be a clear sign of injury, after an accident, it is important to be aware of other common injuries that may become apparent in a few days.

As KTAR News explains, internal bleeding is a large concern after an accident, as it can be fatal if not treated, but it is not visible. If large bruises or swelling of the abdomen occurs in the aftermath of an accident, a doctor should be seen immediately as this could be a life-threatening emergency. Whiplash, or injury to the neck, is what many people typically think of when they consider pain resulting from a car crash, but many are not aware that diagnosing whiplash can sometimes require MRI, CT scans or X-rays. A whiplash injury could also result in feeling numb because of the trauma the spinal column endured.

Movie set fatality highlights importance of helmet laws

Louisiana motorists know they need to take added precautions when sharing the road with a nearby motorcycle, given the added risk the rider faces from exposure, and a recent motorcycle accident on the set of a movie has highlighted these concerns.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, a stunt driver on the set of the film Deadpool 2 was recently killed when she had an issue with her throttle. As an experienced racer, the woman was able to successfully complete the stunt several times on set, but during her fifth run-through, she lost control of the motorcycle. The bike hopped the curb and crashed through the glass of a nearby building, and the victim reportedly did not hit the brakes. Adding to the severity of the accident is the fact that the stunt woman was not wearing a helmet because the character she was portraying never wore a helmet.

High contact sports and serious injuries

The approaching fall season brings the exciting events of a new school semester, fall holidays and, of course, football. Louisiana football season is much like any other in America, wherein a plethora of fans frequently gather to view the sport as a community. When one considers the physical injuries that can occur from contact sports, especially those pertaining to the spinal cord, the thrill of such sports can quickly appear grim. 

An article on WWL-TV News of Louisiana speculates on the possible dangers in connection with football, showing that doctors claim spinal injuries from sports are actually uncommon. With an average of 1.5 million students playing football in the country, one might expect such injuries to be more prevalent. Even still, most football-related spinal cord injuries occur on the amateur level -- the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research found that from 1977 to 2006, there were 222 spinal cord injuries that caused permanent damage at the high school football level, with only 9 occurring at the professional level.

How dangerous are faulty products?

Louisiana residents like you expect for the products you buy to be safe and accurately labeled. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. At Lundy Lundy Soileau South LLP, we help you work through difficult cases in which you've been harmed by a faulty product.

Faulty products can cover a very broad range of issues. Everything from a leaking gas canister to a broken garage door hinge to a pizza cutter with a covering that doesn't fit properly can do you harm. Certain injuries or issues can occur because known hazards aren't properly warned for. Other problems may happen because unexpected hazards are left undetected in production and make it to you, the consumer, without being noticed and labeled correctly.

Avoid making big purchases right before buying a home

There are many reasons you could want to make a major purchase about the same time you buy a home. Perhaps most obvious, you see a piece of art or furniture that would look perfect in the home you want. In other cases, you may have also been saving for a new car, or decide to get a car if your home purchase expense is lower than you expected.

However, it is not a good idea to make major purchases before you buy a house. Here is a look at why.

Hours of service rule aims to curb trucker fatigue

Louisiana residents know that commercial truck drivers often spend many long and lonely hours on the road. This can lead to an increased risk of driving while fatigued which can, in turn, increase the risk of an accident happening. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration monitors the trucking industry and has instituted rules designed to reduce the amount of fatigue that drivers experience. The goal of these rules is improved safety for drivers and the public.

Referred to as the hours of service rule, the guidelines indicate that a driver may work seven or eight days in a row. If seven straight days are worked, a maximum of 60 hours may be logged in that time. If eight straight days are worked, they may include up to 70 hours. Before a new seven- or eight-day period can start, a driver must take a break of at least 34 hours.

The harsh realities of toxic spills

Toxic spills are often a double-edged sword, as such incidents can become hazardous to environments and residents alike. The number of toxic waste sites in Louisiana -- including the "dead sea" off the Gulf of Mexico and the tragic BP 2010 oil spill --  have raised concern for Louisiana residents and the United States as a whole.

Louisiana's beauty has been compromised by such debilitating incidents, and residents of the state have suffered greatly from these disasters, as well. While the solution to toxic spills may be complex, there are numerous organizations that offer clean-up services and support regarding hazardous waste.

Motor vehicle injuries: policies and services

Motor vehicle accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence across the United States. This problem is even more apparent in highly congested cities and during busy road hours. Louisiana officials take certain measures to reduce the possibility of collisions and to ensure the safety of those involved in crashes, closely scrutinizing each accident to determine possible causes.

Louisiana Crash Data Reports works to equip the public with statistical data based on information obtained on traffic crashes in the state. The state, sheriff and local police agencies provide this information, which also includes a number of variables that cause collisions. Agencies then use this data to determine policy settings toward improving the safety of Louisiana's roads. The following agencies and organizations use the data provided on Louisiana's Crash Data Report:

  • Louisiana Highway Safety Commission
  • Department of Transportation and Development
  • The U.S. Congress
  • Vehicle design engineers

Hot dogs sold nationwide may contain harmful bone fragments

It is time to check your refrigerator for a specific brand of hot dogs. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, hot dogs made by Marathon Enterprises known as Sabrett frankfurters may contain bone fragments. One person already suffered an oral injury from the pieces of bone and ligaments, and the company issued a recall of the products.

These shards can cause severe damage when all you want to do is enjoy an old-fashioned hot dog. Before you fire up the grill, make sure you keep reading for more information about the recall.

How do mass torts and class action differ?

Across the country, the term "class action lawsuits" are gaining more and more traction. However, there's another, similar term that you may not know of: mass torts. While these two actions share a lot of similarities, they also differ in very notable ways.

The Class Action Guide points out the primary differences between class action and mass torts. In a mass tort, the outcome depends on how much harm or trouble you have suffered through. In a class action lawsuit, all compensation that's received is divided equally among the participants. However, if you participate in a mass tort, the compensation you receive will be a direct reflection of the damage you suffered. For example, if you experienced organ failure due to a medication, you will receive more compensation than if you suffered from migraines.

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