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Jury makes award in drunk driving accident

After a motor vehicle accident occurs in Louisiana, it is possible for both criminal and civil actions to be initiated. In some cases, only one form of action results but both are possible. While criminal actions may help ensure that people who have broken the law serve appropriate consequences, it is through civil actions that those injured may receive personal compensation.

An example of a case in which both criminal and civil actions resulted after a crash involves a mother and her two children. The family was in a vehicle on the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway in the spring of 2012 when hit by another vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle was a doctor and, according to reports, the doctor was driving with a blood alcohol level of .021 percent. While criminal charges for drunk driving would be expected in a case like this, that actually never happened. Other criminal charges for vehicular negligent injury were pursued, however, and the defendant was sentenced to a five-year sentence of home incarceration.

Defining class certification requirements

People in Lake Charles likely hear news of class action lawsuits quite frequently. Yet even with the publicity that such lawsuits generate, many may know little about them other than the fact that they are brought by multiple plaintiffs. This may lead some to mistakenly believe that any case involving more than one complainant qualifies as a class action lawsuit.

Information shared by the American Bar Association states that in order to initiate a class action, one must first have an adequately defined class whose purposes are precise and unambiguous to the point that the court can feasibly determine who its members are. Furthermore, the definition of one’s class cannot be so broad that it allows for inclusion of parties that could not have been harmed by a defendant’s conduct. Those wanting to form a class must also show that there is an ascertainable way to identify members using objective criteria.

Recovering from a drunk driving accident

From speeding to texting while behind the wheel, there are many examples of reckless behavior that can lead to a motor vehicle accident. However, an unnaceptable number of drivers continue to get in their cars after drinking too much alcohol. If you have been hit by a drunk driver, your life may be thrown upside down in various ways and you should try to restore a sense of normalcy. At Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South, our Lake Charles law firm knows all too well how devastating DUI crashes are for families across Louisiana.

When a drunk driver puts lives at risk, entire families may experience unimaginable devastation. Even if you or a loved one were fortunate enough to survive an accident, you may be struggling with a permanent injury or tremendous physical pain. Because the consequences of a drunk driving collision can be so severe, drunk drivers must be held responsible and you should explore every resource that is available as you try to move forward.

Louisiana traffic accident leaves one hurt

Each day, people are injured across the country in various types of motor vehicle accidents. Sadly, many of these injuries never should have happened in the first place and were the result of reckless behavior, such as drinking and driving or speeding. In Lake Charles, LA, crashes caused by negligent behavior can leave victims with a host of problems that virtually destroy their life, such as debilitating pain, medical costs, an inability to work and lifelong complications due to a severe injury.

Law enforcement officials say that a motor vehicle accident that recently happened in Louisiana left one person injured. At the scene of the crash, a vehicle with a shattered windshield had flipped over. However, more details on the nature of the accident have not yet been released by authorities.

Recovering from a drunk driving crash

Every day, car accidents completely upend the lives of victims and their family members. In Lake Charles, LA, and across the country, these accidents may result in all sorts of challenges. If you were hit by a drunk driver, it is essential to understand your rights and take advantage of each resource that is available as you try to recover. At Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South, our law firm knows firsthand how devastating these collisions often are.

If someone makes the reckless decision to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they put lives at risk, including their own. Regrettably, many people make this poor decision even though a number of campaigns have focused on raising awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. If you are hit by an intoxicated driver, you may suffer a serious injury that causes physical pain and prevents you from working. Moreover, you may have difficulty paying for medical expenses incurred as a result of the crash. For those who survive, drunk driving crashes can be physically, financially and mentally draining. Sadly, some people lose their lives in these wrecks, leaving the entire family with pain and hardships.

How can I avoid common motorcycle accidents?

Cruising along Louisiana roads on a two-wheeled vehicle can be exciting, but it is also one of the more dangerous ways to travel. The lack of protection that a motorcycle offers gives you a major disadvantage if you are involved in a crash with a bigger vehicle. You can keep yourself and any passengers safe by following some safety tips from to avoid some of the most common motorcycle accidents.


Are you prepared for a bidding war on your dream home?

After an extensive search, you may have found the perfect home only to discover a bidding war is going to make the purchase difficult, if not impossible. A seasoned real estate expert can help level the playing field for you, and an attorney experienced with real estate matters can assist with any legal issues that arise. You can help yourself, however, by being prepared to do battle with competing house hunters and come out the victor.

Common renovation mistakes

If you plan on purchasing a home in Louisiana to renovate it, you should plan your steps carefully to minimize stress and possible complications. Although certain home improvements can boost your property's appeal and function considerably, the wrong ones can leave you full of regret and create potential legal issues. Before you start any home improvement project, take some time to learn about common renovation mistakes you should avoid.

Defective medical devices pose risks to patient safety

Patients in Louisiana who undergo surgical procedures assume their safety and well-being are top priority. However, in some cases patients have been gravely injured by surgical procedures, which can entail use of medical devices like duodenoscopes.

Bloomberg reports on links between certain types of duodenoscopes and dangerous infections that have spread to numerous patients. In 2012 up to 250 patients who underwent procedures using these duodenoscopes fell ill after being exposed to a so-called "super bug", and approximately 12 patients succumbed to their infections. Accordingly, many medical professionals have pointed to multiple issues in establishing the safety of medical devices, and have also implicated manufacturers for their failure to uphold patient safety.

What people should keep in mind when buying property

Buying property can be extremely exciting and daunting at the same time. Whether you are purchasing your first home or moving to another home, it is important to know what to look for when determining if the house is a right fit for you. At Lundy, Lundy, Soileau, South LLP, we know that making the right choices during this time can be difficult. By understanding key information during your property search, you may avoid a potentially hazardous situation.

If you choose to partner with a real estate agent, make sure that it is someone you can trust and who listens to you. Keep in mind that the property you are buying is for you. Don't let anyone talk you out of something or into a property that you don't feel is perfect for your situation. Purchase a property that you can comfortably afford. You don't want your home to be a financial burden and have to leave the property later down the road.

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